Bolt-on Dogbone Chain Tensioner for Yamaha XS650



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Made 1″ longer to fit Yamaha XS650’s. This accommodates for the small rear sprockets used.

Fits all Hardtails and Bolt-on Hardtails with a 1-1/8″ cross tube.  Bolts to 1-1/8″″ bottom frame cross tube. Slides left to right and pivots up and down. 15 Tooth “MADE IN USA” Idler sprocket (SEALED BEARING), This is for 530 chain. Machined from 5/8″ steel.
Note: Please verify you have 1-1/8″” tubing for a cross tube.
Black Powder Coated

This  fits on any custom frame or bolt on hard tail that has a 1-1/8″” cross tube to bolt to.

Ships Continental USA Only