Custom Motorcycle Parts

Steve Sheldon is the mastermind behind Troy Fabrication. Troy Fabrication is a small company based out of Rhode Island that designs and manufactures custom motorcycle parts. They have a line of standard parts, but they also offer select custom work. Steve builds custom motorcycles to showcase their parts, and it also helps him and the team come up with ideas for new parts. Steve has been a ChopCult member since the birth of the site in 2009. He isn’t afraid to share his knowledge, give advice, and complement others through the forums. He always remains positive and supportive which is a breath of fresh air. I appreciate Steve’s ongoing support for the site and for allowing us to feature his latest build here. Keep up the great work Steve!
Lisa Ballard ~ Chopcult~ Riverside, California
These motor mounts RULE! Far better then those Taiwan made knock-offs on ebay. I got a set hand made in the USA by TroyFab, and the quality fit and finish is second to none!
Marco ~ Long Island, New York