About TroyFab & Steve Sheldon


I'm Steve Sheldon and Troy Fabrication is my company based out of Rhode Island.  I design and make custom motorcycle parts while my family helps with order fulfillment and other tasks. I offer a selection of standard custom motorcycle parts and beadrolled art. I will do custom work if the project interests me. I build custom motorcycles to showcase my parts and inspire ideas for new parts.

How I Got Here

Troy Fabrication was named after my son Troy. Troy was born 3 months premature and my wife wanted to stay home with him until his motor skills caught up with his age. She left her career in the dental field to take care of Troy. That is when I bought a welder and started taking on small jobs to supplement our income.

After starting Troy Fabrication in 2002, I decided to keep investing the money I was earning, back into the company. I purchased a lathe, Bridgeport, tig welder etc, until I had a complete machine shop capable of doing about anything. That's when I started building my bike and realized there were parts needed that no one was making.

I designed a weld on chain tensioner and offered them up on several motorcycle forums and they were selling well. I put a Model A taillight on my bike and didn't like the hokey sheet metal piece that bolted on the back, so I designed a aluminum taillight cover and started selling them. Nobody was selling bungs at that time either so I started making kits up to make oil tanks. I built a Triumph motorcycle next and discovered more parts that needed to be designed that no one was making.

I opened up a jock shop on the Jockey Journal, an eBay store, started a store on Chopcult in the Chop Market section, I was selling parts on the Horse Back Street Choppers forum, and a bunch of others forums. Eventually, Tyler from Lowbrow Customs started selling some of my parts on his website. Then, Lucas from Factory Metal Works helped me out by selling parts on his sight. Jay and Truth over at Choppahead, were kind enough to give a me a shelf in their retail store and sell my parts on their website. Now I have 6 dealers selling my parts worldwide. Being only one person, I ended up having to sub parts out to keep up with the orders and this did not fare well with me. I wanted to control my own destiny, so I purchased CNC Bridgeport and brought all parts back in-house.

My wife takes care of all the packaging, shipping and marketing. She also does all the sand blasting, cuts stock and runs the CNC Bridgeport and lathe. Troy has been hanging in the shop for years now. He cuts stock and works on the lathe and Bridgeport.

My daughter Adrienne is 8 and she has a small 4 wheeler that shuttles parts from the shop to the house for me. She helps with packaging and does some light duty shop work also. It has become a total family business here at the Troy Fab Compound.